Amul Cherukuri

Computer Science Enthusiast


Amul Cherukuri

Computer Science Enthusiast


About Me

Hello! I’m Praneet Amul Akash Cherukuri.

Currently pursuing my Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science Engineering from CMR Institute of Technology.


Research, Business Ideas & Problem Solving has always been a great interest which made me dive deep into Computer Science for which I got myself trained in topics such as Machine Learning, Image Processing, preprocessing techniques, tools & languages including Python, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, and popular libraries such as NumPy, Panda, Scikit, Seaborn, and Scikit. I am well versed in different Database Management Systems like MySQL, Mongo DB, and SQLite.


I am also a Web Developer having created Websites using some of the best software language tools and languages such as CMS- WordPress and PHP. Besides – My passion for Leadership and Management always drove me to various activities be it heading my team in terms of Projects, Case studies, or Organizing and participating in various college activities.


Area of Interest & Research : * Data Science, * Machine Learning, * Genetic Algorithms, * Natural Language Processing, * Recommender Systems, * Neural Networks, * Data Visualization

My Badges
JUNE 2020 - JULY 2020
Data Science Intern

-Served as a key member of the team involved in Strategizing different Data Science Problems related to Regression, Classification and Various Machine Learning Algorithms - Worked on community trend observation through Analytics Project - Developed a resume parser customizable to clients need

MARCH 2020 – APRIL 2020

• Served as a key member of the team involved in Strategizing, analyzing Planning Marketing, and outreach strategies. • Worked on a Hackup Project that involved key stagey formulation and analysis on academia markets

International Delegate
Harvard University – HPAIR Conference 2020

Selected as one of the top 300 Delegates from around the world for Harvard University Annual Conference HPAIR 2020

CMR Institute of Technology

Designed and Developed the College's official website also adding extended functionalities also ensuring its proper functioning and extra developments.

Developer Intern
AI Analytics Hub

- Worked on a project in Automation of Email processing using Python - Worked on Online Retail database design using MySQL

2017 - 2021
Bachelor's in Computer Science
CMR Institute of Technology

Data Science Professional Certificate
Johns Hopkins University - Coursera

Google IT Professional Certificate

My Skills
  • Data Analysis
  • Web Design
  • Leadership
  • Data Visualization
Area of Interest & Research
  • Data Science
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Recommender Systems
  • Data Visualization.
Recommender System for Educational Analysis In Prediction of Appropriate Career & Domain Recommendations using Machine Learning Techniques
The International Journal of Machine Learning and Networked Collaborative Engineering (IJMLNCE) ISSN 2581-3242

(Accepted – Yet to be Published)
Sentiment Analysis Model and its Role in determining Social Media’s Influence on Decision Making
Research in Intelligent and Computing in Engineering Conference 2020 (RICE 2020). Thu DAU Mot University, Vietnam

(Accepted – Yet to be Published)
Unsupervised Clustering for Optimal Locality Detection – A Data Science Approach.
International Journal of Hyper Connectivity and the Internet of Things (IJHIoT)

(Accepted – Yet to be Published)
Chatbot Implementation for Enhancement of Student Understanding - A Natural Language Processing Approach
International Conference on Integrated Intelligence Enable Networks & Computing (IIENC 2020)